Chair of Smart Sensor Systems

Materials Science Seminar

General Information

Class is generally on Tuesdays from 16:15 - 17:45.

The first and second appointment (09.04.2024 and 16.04.2024) serve as a preliminary discussion and are obligatory for all participants!

The first appointment (09.04.2024) will take place in FH1. All other appointments will be in FH3.

Topics are offered by Prof. Görrn, Prof. Neumaier, and Prof. Riedl.

Information regarding the schedule and topics can be found on Moodle.

Credit points for this seminar can be used in the following courses:

  •     Bachelor Wing
  •     Master Wing IT
  •     Master Wing Automotive
  •     Bachelor IT & MT
  •     Master IT
  •     Master EE


Materials science has always been a driving force for new developments in electrical engineering, especially for microelectronics, communication technology, photovoltaics, LED lighting, and sensor technology. In this seminar, major milestones in materials science will be discussed in terms of their relevance to current topics in electrical engineering. Exemplary lecture topics are blue light emitting diodes, CCD image sensors, organic electronics or the scanning tunneling microscope.

Criteria for recognition of the seminar

  • Own presentation (30 min. including discussion)
  • Certified participation in the other lectures
  • A written, scientific elaboration of the own topic on approx. 10 pages.


Registration should be done early, preferably at the beginning of the semester, via Moodle.

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