Chair of Smart Sensor Systems

Selected Publications from Prof. Daniel Neumaier

“Analogue two-dimensional semiconductor electronics.”

Dmitry K. Polyushkin Stefan Wachter, Lukas Mennel, Maksym Paliy, Giuseppe Iannaccone, Gianluca Fiori, Daniel Neumaier, Barbara Canto and Thomas Mueller

Nature Electronics 3, 486 (2020).

“Integrating Graphene into Semiconductor Fabrication Lines.”

Daniel Neumaier, Stephan Pindl and Max C. Lemme

Nature Materials 18, 525 (2019).

“Graphene-based integrated photonics for next-generation datacom and telecom.”

M. Romagnoli, V. Sorianello, M. Midrio, F.H.L. Koppens, C. Huyghebaert, D. Neumaier, P. Galli, W. Templ, A. D’Errico, and A. C. Ferrari

Nature Reviews Materials 3, 392 (2018).

“High performance metal–insulator–graphene diodes for radio frequency power detection application”

Mehrdad Shaygan, Zhenxing Wang, Mohamed Saeed Elsayed, Martin Otto, Giuseppe Iannaccone, Ahmed Hamed Ghareeb, Gianluca Fiori, Renato Negra, Daniel Neumaier

Nanoscale 9 (33), 11944-11950 (2017).

“Electronics based on two-dimensional materials.”

G. Fiori, F. Bonaccorso, G. Iannaccone, T. Palacios, D. Neumaier, A. Seabaugh, S. K. Banerjee and L. Colombo

Nature Nanotechnology 9, 768 (2014).

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