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New Materials Science Seminar

28.09.2021|12:17 Uhr

In the winter term 2021/2022 we will offer a new seminar on “Materials Science”.

Two-dimensional materials like graphene have become a dynamic field in research within the past 15 years. This lecture will give an introduction to the properties of 2D materials and address possible applications in the fields of microelectronics, sensors and photonics.

Details on the lecture can be found on the homepage of the chair: Link


- Overview on different 2D Materials: Graphene, hBN, MoS2 and other TMDC.

- Characterization methods for 2D materials

- Synthesis of Graphene and TMDCs

- Electronic and photonic applications of graphene

- Photonic and electronic applications of TMDCs

- Sensor applications of 2D materials

- Composite materials

- Market perspectives for 2D materials

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