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International PhD Seminar

The international PhD seminar on „Electronic and Photonic Applications of 2D Materials” provides a platform to PhD students from several European Universities to present and discuss their results in a collaborative scientific environment with other students working on a similar field. This seminar covers all aspects related to graphene, TMDCs and other two-dimensional materials based devices and circuits for electronic and photonic applications, including the material synthesis and new fabrication technologies for these applications, exploration of new device concepts and circuits, and new methods for characterization.

The seminar will be completely online.

Seminars 2021:

20.1.2021 Kishan Patel (Politecnico di Milano) "High-frequency graphene field-effect transistors exhibiting fmax > 100 GHz"

27.1.2021 Sebastian Lukas (RWTH Aachen) "Correlation of electronic and piezoresistive properties of 2D platinum diselenide with its nanocrystalline structure"

3.2.2021 Miika Soikkeli (VTT) "Graphene CMOS integration for sensing applications"

10.2.2021 Aleksandra Plackic (Politecnico di Milano) "Electrochemistry at the edges of van der Waals heterostructures"

19.5.2021 Agata Piacentini (AMO GmbH) „ Low Hysteresis MoS2-FET Enabled by CVD-Grown h-BN Encapsulation.“

26.5.2021 Mark Kamper Svendsen (DTU) “Combining density functional theory with macroscopic QED for quantum light-matter interactions in 2D materials.”

16.6.2021 Eros Reato (RWTH/AMO) "Multi Parameter Admittance Spectroscopy of MOSFETs with 2D MoS2 Channels.”

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