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Lehrstuhl für Personalisierte Mobile Sensorsysteme

Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Daniel Neumaier


  • Intelligent camera sensors: New project “MISEL” started
    The development of new multispectral camera sensors is in the focus of the new research project... [mehr]
  • Renovations of the lab are taking shape
    Renovations in the lab of the Chair of smart sensor systems are making good progress with the first... [mehr]
  • The first operational amplifier based on a two-dimensional material
    Researchers from TU Wien, AMO GmbH, University of Pisa and Wuppertal University have realized the... [mehr]
  • Eine skalierbare Fertigungstechnologie für hochempfindliche Photodetektoren auf flexiblen Substraten
    Forscher der AMO GmbH, der RWTH Aachen, der Universität Siegen, Raith B.V., AIXTRON SE und der... [mehr]
  • Die Bergische Universität Wuppertal wird Partner in dem EU-Projekt ORIGENAL
    Die Bergische Universität Wuppertal wird neuer Partner EU FET-Open Projekt ORIGENAL bei, welches von... [mehr]
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Internationales Doktoranden Seminar

The international PhD seminar on „Electronic and Photonic Applications of 2D Materials” provides a platform to PhD students from several European Universities to present and discuss their results in a collaborative scientific environment with other students working on a similar field. This seminar covers all aspects related to graphene, TMDCs and other two-dimensional materials based devices and circuits for electronic and photonic applications, including the material synthesis and new fabrication technologies for these applications, exploration of new device concepts and circuits, and new methods for characterization.

The seminar will be completely online.


When: Wednesday 14:00 - 15:00 (Berlin time)


Upcoming seminars:


7.10.2020 Marta Perucchini (University of Pisa) „Multi-scale modeling of 2D-material based devices“

14.10.2020 Vincent  Pelgrin (Aalto University) “Boosting the nonlinearity of silicon photonic platform with 2D transition metal dichalcogenides.

4.11.2020 Vladyslav Mishyn (University of Lille) "Graphene-based biosensors: recent advances and challenges.”

18.11.2020 Anders Christian Riis-Jensen (DTU) "Optical properties of van der Waals heterostructures and 2D Janus monolayers"

25.11.2020 Simon Skrzypczak (University of Lille) “Inkjet printing of passive and active devices for RF applications.

9.12.2020 Andreas Hemmetter (AMO) "Flexible graphene THz rectennas."

20.1.2021 Kishan Patel (Politecnico di Milano) "High-frequency graphene field-effect transistors exhibiting fmax > 100 GHz"

27.1.2021 Sebastian Lukas (RWTH Aachen) "Correlation of electronic and piezoresistive properties of 2D platinum diselenide with its nanocrystalline structure"

3.2.2021 Miika Soikkeli (VTT) "Graphene CMOS integration for sensing applications"

10.2.2021 Aleksandra Plackic (Politecnico di Milano) "Electrochemistry at the edges of van der Waals heterostructures"